5 Considerations for Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Many girls dream of their weddings from the time they are small children. While the solemn vows that you take are certainly the most important part of the day, your wedding is also your opportunity to shine in the spotlight. Whether you select a small, intimate affair or a grand gala, you deserve to look your very best. Carefully selected wedding jewellery can enhance your appearance and serve as a lasting memento of your special day. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding jewellery.

Wedding Traditions

As the old saying goes, the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Some brides even complete the old rhyme, placing a silver sixpence in their shoe. Did you know that each element actually stands for something significant?

Something old reflects your continued links to your family heritage. Though you are striking out on your own to create a new destiny, you remain bound to the traditions, history, and love of your family. Many brides choose to wear something that belongs to their mother or grandmother to honour this tradition.

Something new signifies hope and luck for the new life on which you are embarking. While a new wedding dress meets the criteria, many brides prefer to fulfill this verse with new wedding jewellery. While your dress is for one time use, you can wear your wedding jewellery again and again. What better way to celebrate your new life?

Something borrowed honours your strong ties to your loved ones. The people who love you now will continue to love and support you in your married life, and can be counted on to be there no matter what life brings. Most brides borrow something meaningful from a happily married friend, in hopes that the good luck will rub off on them.

Something blue represents faithfulness, love, devotion, and constancy. Although some brides prefer to hide the blue element, others wear it proudly. Wedding jewellery is a particularly nice way to honour this tradition, as it adds a hint of colour without detracting from the white of your dress and accessories.

A silver sixpence in your shoe is to bring wealth, not only financially but also emotionally. Silver sixpences are fairly easy to find, though you should start shopping well ahead of your wedding date.

Your Dress

Unlike most other dresses in today’s world, the typical wedding dress is a stunning, frothy creation that draws well-deserved attention to itself. Therefore, it would be a mistake for your wedding jewellery to try to compete. Instead, choose pieces that complement the gown’s cut and style. For example, a necklace looks best with a deep or plunging neckline. Short sleeves call for a bracelet. If your dress is especially elaborate, consider making a statement with hair accessories.

Your Style

Because your wedding jewellery is designed to be worn many times over the years, it is important to consider your personal style. As a one use item, your wedding dress might make you feel like a princess, but if you are normally more subdued or casual, huge, flashy jewellery might not be the best choice.

Consider your normal going-out style, and look for pieces that naturally catch your eye. Then narrow down your list by matching them to your wedding dress. This will help ensure that you will truly love your jewellery for many years to come.

Your Budget

Some women drop thousands of dollars on wedding jewellery in the misguided belief that pricier is always better. In fact, gold plating and cubic zirconia are often the best choice. Not only are these pieces significantly less expensive than pure gold and diamonds, but they are easy to wear and care for. Cubic zirconia is generally flawless, which is true only for the very rarest and most expensive diamonds.

In addition, many brides worry about accidentally purchasing blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, which are mined in conflict zones and used to finance war efforts. Strict international laws have largely curbed the blood diamond market, but the stigma remains. As a lab created material, cubic zirconia is known to be conflict free!

Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate with your closest friends and relatives. Some women choose to honour their connection with the members of their wedding party by selecting matching or complementary jewellery for themselves and their bridesmaids. Don’t forget the flower girl and both mothers as well. In addition, the men in your wedding might choose matching cufflinks or other items that demonstrate their bonds and blend with the ladies’ jewellery.

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