5 Reasons to Choose Cubic Zirconia for Your Wedding Jewellry

5 Reasons to Choose Cubic Zirconia for Your Wedding Jewellry

Cubic zirconia is an increasingly popular alternative to diamonds. Created in a lab by fusing zirconium oxide with yttrium oxide to create stable zirconium dioxide, cubic zirconia takes its name from its cubic crystalline structure. These manmade diamond substitutes are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds to the naked eye. Although cubic zirconia was once considered a “lesser” substance, or even a “fake diamond,” it has a number of advantages over traditional diamonds for wedding jewellery. Here are 5 reasons to choose cubic zirconia.


As a natural substance, diamonds are inherently flawed. Small inclusions or occlusions can cause diamonds to look damaged or imperfect. As a manmade substance, cubic zirconia can be absolutely flawless with no imperfections to draw the eye. Perfectly clear cubic zirconia is easy to produce, provided that the raw materials are of high quality, but many brides prefer a coloured stone that pays tribute to their heritage or personal tastes. Cubic zirconia has a phenomenal dispersion rate, which means that it splits white light into shimmering hues. In fact, cubic zirconia is known for its ability to “outshine” most diamonds, creating a fire that many brides want in their wedding jewellery.


Because cubic zirconia is created from readily available, inexpensive materials, cubic zirconia jewellery costs just a fraction of comparable diamond pieces. If you have always dreamed of a huge, brilliantly sparkling, flawless engagement or wedding ring, cubic zirconia is a wonderful option. You can have everything you always wanted without marrying a millionaire. For your other wedding jewellery, such as necklaces and earrings, investing in diamonds could easily be an unaffordable expense. With cubic zirconia, your jewellery can be as big and flashy as you like. If you are not normally a big jewellery person, cubic zirconia lets you add some pieces for special events without worrying that you won’t wear them enough to justify the price.


Although strict international laws have largely curbed the “blood diamond” market, there is still some risk. So-called blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are mined inside conflict zones and used to finance war efforts. If you are concerned about the possibility of obtaining a blood diamond, cubic zirconia allows you to shop without worry. In addition, even ethical diamond mining has an effect on the earth’s fragile resources. For bridal couples trying to minimize their impact on the environment, cubic zirconia is an eco-friendly alternative.


The natural cleavages found in diamonds limit the ways in which they can be cut. Lacking these cleavages, cubic zirconia can be cut in any shape you desire. For a traditional “wedding” look, choose a princess, marquise, radiant, or other common diamond cut. Or show off your individual flair with a cut that is as unique as you are. To truly make a statement, pair a stone color that has a special meaning to you with an unusual cut.


It is true that diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth (synthetic wurtzite boron nitride and meteorite mineral lonsdaleite are even harder). But cubic zirconia is nearly as hard. With an 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale compared to diamond’s 10, cubic zirconia is harder than most other gemstones and easily durable enough for everyday wear. After a certain point, exact hardness becomes more of an academic argument, unless you intend to use your wedding jewellery to polish other diamonds.

Your wedding jewellery is an important part of the overall look and feel of your wedding. Your wedding day is your opportunity to shine, and you deserve to wear the pieces that make you look and feel radiant. Yet costly diamonds are outside of most bridal couples’ budgets. Rather than paring back your dreams, choose cubic zirconia instead. You have the opportunity to design the look you have always wanted at a cost that falls within nearly anyone’s budget.

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