5 Ways to Match Your Jewellery to Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is your chance to shine in the spotlight, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the moment to show off elegant jewellery that is a notch above your everyday wear. Yet there is a fine line between classy and gaudy or overdone. The key is to ensure that everything harmonises, without being too exactly matched. To make sure you look your best on your special day, follow these simple rules to match your jewellery to your wedding dress.

1. Keep It Simple

If your wedding gown is ornate, tiny jewellery will get lost against it. Big, bold pieces are a better choice. However, too many of them can look visually cluttered and make a confusing statement. Consider the design of your gown and even your hairstyle to create a harmonious look. For example, if you will wear your hair up, drop earrings are an excellent complement. If you will wear it down and loose, choose large studs that will make a statement without getting caught in your hair.

2. Choose Complementary Metals

Certain wedding dresses lend themselves best to certain jewellery metals. Ivory gowns are best paired with gold, which nicely offsets the creamier hue. Bright white dresses tend to clash with gold, so silver, platinum, or pearl are better choices. If your gown’s colour is in between these two extremes, you can likely select any metal you want, but be sure to match it to the dress before the wedding to make sure.

Also consider your gown’s detail work. If you have silvery beading, choose silver jewellery. Pearl accents go best with pearl jewellery. Avoid matching the dress’s design work, which can look like you are trying too hard, but be sure that the metals harmonise with each other.

3. Don’t Forget Your Hair Accessories

From long, trailing veils to decorative combs and barrettes, today’s brides have a wide array of options for hair accessories. Which you choose should guide your selections for bridal jewellery. An ornate, floor-length veil is a powerful accessory in its own right, so avoid bold, coloured jewellery that will compete for the spotlight. With a short, plain veil or flowered crown, you have more room to incorporate elaborate jewellery.

4. Consider Your Neckline

Your décolletage is a highly important element in your overall appearance on your wedding day. If you have a halter dress, forego the necklace in favour of stunning hairpins and a great pair of earrings. A V-neck gown calls for a necklace of just the right length to sit above the neckline, such as a pendant or choker. With a sweetheart neckline or strapless gown, consider huge, dangling earrings with a matching bracelet for an updated look with a vintage flair.

5. Be Yourself

While your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to emerge from your comfort zone, don’t try to be someone you are not. If your daily wear tends towards ball caps and jeans, you may feel self-conscious and slightly ridiculous dripping in crystals. If your daily look is retro or vintage, skip the ultra-modern chic accessories. Focus on being the best, most stunning version of yourself that you can be, and let your personal sense of style guide your choices.

Shopping for wedding jewellery can feel overwhelming. Modern brides have an endless array of choices, and just knowing where to begin can be a real challenge. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines can help you narrow the field and begin to focus on pieces that truly work for you. Honour your own sense of style, consider your gown’s neckline, match the metal to the dress, think through your hairstyle and hair accessories, and avoid creating a cluttered visual field. With a bit of time and effort, you are sure to select the wedding jewellery of your dreams.

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