How to Make a Statement With Your Bridal Jewellery

How to Make a Statement With Your Bridal Jewellery

Your wedding day is your time to shine in the spotlight. Other than your wedding gown, your bridal jewellery is arguably one of the most important ways to show off your style as you bask in the glow of love and new beginnings. Yet the run-up to a wedding is a frantic time packed with seemingly endless lists of tasks, and it is easy for jewellery shopping to become an afterthought. To make a statement with your bridal jewellery, follow these simple tips.

Give Yourself Time

Mark down bridal jewellery shopping on your wedding planning calendar, and pledge to keep the appointment with yourself. Snap decisions made when you are tired are rarely the best. Yet you do not want to order your jewellery too early, because you need to try it on with your dress, veil, and accessories. Four weeks before the wedding is the ideal time to purchase your bridal jewellery.

Be Bold

Wedding gowns are big, bulky, and slightly outrageous, so your bridal jewellery will need to be up to the task. Tiny, delicate pieces are likely to get lost, so go for big, bold items that can stand out against your gown. A splash of bright colour can offset your gown nicely, so avoid buying only pieces in light, neutral tones. Consider choosing an item in one of your wedding colours or a colour that has personal meaning to you.

Mix It Up

There is no wedding day rule that says that all of your jewellery has to match. Pair your favourite heirloom item with sleek, modern pieces, or choose complementary colours. The only rule of thumb is harmony. A bright white wedding gown looks best with silvery metals, while gold nicely offsets an ivory gown. Likewise, your individual pieces should look like they fit together into a complementary whole rather than competing for attention.

Stick to Your Theme

If your wedding has a theme, use your bridal jewellery to help continue that theme. For example, an American Southwest hoedown calls for rustic pieces, while an elegant choker is perfect for a Victorian theme. If your wedding is super-modern and chic, avoid large heirloom pieces that seem to come from a different era.

Be True to Yourself

Your wedding, and your bridal jewellery, should ultimately be an extension of yourself. If you are not trendy by nature, choose timeless pieces instead. If you are always at the height of fashion, avoid jewellery items that feel like they could have belonged to your great-grandmother. Consider your overall sense of style and your existing wardrobe, and choose pieces that you could see yourself wearing again.

Consider the Wedding Party

You may be the star of the show, but it takes an entire team of hardworking people to make your wedding a success. Why not honour the friends and family members who are part of your wedding party with jewellery that is meaningful and creates a harmonised appearance?

For example, you might gift the women in your wedding party with personalised necklaces engraved with their names and the wedding date. The men in your wedding could look particularly dapper in matching cufflinks and tie clips. Don’t forget the flower girl and the ring bearer, and consider including both sets of parents as well.

Choosing your bridal jewellery is an important element of wedding planning, but many brides are so busy that they make the process almost an afterthought. Mark down jewellery shopping on your wedding calendar for approximately four weeks before the wedding. Choose bold pieces that create a harmonious look, stay true to both the wedding theme and your own personal sense of style, and don’t leave out the wedding party. With a bit of time and consideration, your bridal jewellery will play a key role in helping you look and feel your best on your big day.

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