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Keeping the simple & elegant jewellery themes of Poetry Designs, we have created a beautiful and affordable range of earrings for bridesmaids. This large collection of bridal party earrings comes with a drop, dangle, studs and specially made clip-on earrings for non-pierced ears. If you are looking for uniformity with the bridesmaids look to match your wedding theme, we have them in three finishes of silver ( rhodium plated), 14K gold and rose gold tones for complete bridesmaids look. No matter whatever your budget, you will see, you will be able to purchase the highest quality earrings made with Swarovski pearls and Cubic Zirconia for your bridal party. Explore these beautiful earrings, that are perfect as bridesmaid gifts. A loving and caring way to tell your friends and bridesmaids  I Couldn’t say “ I Do “ without you

If you find it hard to find a matching bracelet or pendant for a complete set, please contact us will be there to assist you.

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  • Floral Earrings with Necklace for Bridesmaids Jewellery Gift Set-Flora


    Floral Jewellery Set, Simple for Brides, Great as Bridemaids Gift Set If you want to add prett…

  • Gold Floral Bridal Earrings with Teardrops-Ivy


    Gold Floral Earrings with Pear Shaped Drops for Weddings These gold floral bridal earrings are smal…

  • Rose Gold Floral and Teardrop Earrings For Brides-Ivy


    Rose Gold Earrings for Brides with Floral &Teardrops  How about a pair of earrings that co…

  • Floral Bridal Earrings with Teardrops-Ivy


    Wondering How to Accessorize Your Floral Bridal Dress?  If you are wondering how to accessoriz…

  • Small Pear Shaped Gold Wedding Earrings-Clara


    Small Sparkling Pear Shaped Gold Earrings for Your Wedding  Are you looking for small pea…

  • Bridesmaids Stud Earrings in Rose Gold-Piper


    Rose Gold Stud Earring For Bridesmaids If you are looking for a pretty gift for your bridesmaid…

  • Gold Stud Earrings for Bridal Party-Piper


    Gold Stud Earring for Your Bridal Party in 14K Gold Plating in Cubic Zirconia   If yo…

  • Stud Earrings for Bridesmaids Silver-Piper


    These Stud Earrings for Bridesmaids Are A Pretty Gift Available in Silver, Gold, And Rose …

  • Skinny Long Pearl Drop Earrings in Rose Gold-Jodi


    Skinny or Thin Pearl Earrings for Bride & Bridesmaid in Rose Gold, with Pearl Color Cream o…

  • Bridal Dangle Earrings with Pearls & Crystals-Rosa


    Silver-Tone Dangle Earrings with Pearls & Crystals for Wedding, Prom, Formal These bridal dangle…

  • Skinny Long Pearl Drop Earrings in Rose Gold -Jodi


    Skinny or Thin Pearl Earrings for Bride & Bridesmaid in Rose Gold, with Pearl Color Cream o…

  • Thin Dangle Drop Pearl Earrings in Silver-Jodi


    Thin Dangle Drop Pearl Earrings for Weddings A beautiful pair of thin dangle drop pearl earrings in …

  • Pearl Drop Gold Earrings- Jodi


    Sleek Pearl Drop Gold Earrings for Brides & Bridesmaids  These elegant pearl drop gold earr…

  • Gold and Pearl Earrings-Emma


    Yellow Gold and Pearl Earrings Brides & Bridesmaids A small to mid-sized gold and pearl ea…

  • Dangle Chandelier Earrings-Ciara


    Small Dangle Chandelier Earrings for Brides & Bridesmaids Poetry Designs presents a simple…

  • Teardrop Stud Earrings with Clip On-Emma


    Stud Earrings With Clip-On's for Wedding, Formal in Pear Shape CZ & Rose Gold This teardrop…

  • Gold Clip On Earrings in Teardrop CZ for Brides Bridesmaids-Emma


    Teardrop Clip On Earrings in Gold For Bride, Bridesmaids, Women with Non-Pierced Ears These are a be…

  • Clip On Bridal Stud Earrings for Weddings,Brides,Bridesmaids- Emma


    Teardrop Clip On Bridal Earrings For Bride, Bridesmaids, Women with Non Pierced Ears If you need a&n…

18 of 168 Items