Clasp Bracelets

Shop most beautiful bracelets in pearls and cubic zirconia that is elegant, delicate and ergonomically designed with secure clasps, our range of clasp bracelets are designed to lock in firmly and are adjustable with a 2-inch extension chain to fit many wrist sizes. Choose your design and your finish of silver, gold or rose gold tones for a perfect bracelet that is secure on your wrist for weddings and events.

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  • Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet in Leaf Shape Cubic Zirconia for Weddings & Formals-Debra


    Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet with Sparkly Cubic Zirconia Leaves for Weddings, Prom, Formals This is a&…

  • Bridal Tennis Bracelet With Gold Metal and Cubic Zirconia Leaf-Debra


    With Cubic Zirconia Leaf, Tennis Bracelet for Wedding in 14K Yellow Gold Plating Here is a spa…

  • Gold Bridal Bracelet in Flower Design Made of Cubic Zirconia-Daisy


    14K Gold Pleated Bridal Bracelet in Floral CZ Crystals This rich and sparkling gold bridal b…

  • Cubic Zirconia Wedding Flower Bracelet for Brides- Daisy


    Wedding Bracelet in Floral Design Made Of Sparkling Cubic Zirconia This sparkling cubic zirconia …

  • Flower & Teardrop Bridal Bracelet-Anemone


    Sparkly Flower Design Bracelet with Teardrops A bracelet made with cubic zirconia is always a spark…

  • Round Clear Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet for Weddings-Cristle


    Round Shaped Clear Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Wedding Bracelet  Made of clear cubic zirconia thi…

  • Gold Bridal Bracelet for Weddings in Round Cubic Zirconia -Cristle


    Sparkly Gold Bracelet for Bridal & Wedding Wear Buy this gold bridal bracelet made of spar…

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    Round Cubic Zirconia Array Bracelet-Hazel

    Now: $62.70
    Was: $77.90

    Simple Array Bracelet in Cubic Zirconia  Simple but sparkly array bracelet is beautiful t…

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    Chain Charm Silver Bracelet-Beatrice

    Now: $55.00
    Was: $73.70

    Delicate Charm Bracelet for Every Occasion Delicate Chain charm silver bracelet with little sparkly…

  • Light Blue Crystal Bracelet- Azura


    Dainty Blue Crystal Bracelets for Girls  Delicate light blue crystal bracelet lovely to w…

  • Cubic Zirconia Wedding Day Bracelet- Mia


    Sparkly Wedding Bracelet for Brides Beautiful & sparkly wedding day bracelet every bride should…

  • Thin Gold Wedding Bracelet- Hannah


    Dainty & Slim Design Gold Bracelet for Brides If you are you looking for a bracelet for your we…

  • Slim Rose Gold Wedding Bracelet- Hannah


    Blush/ Pink Thin Rose Gold Bracelet for Brides Add this blush/ pink delicate, small and pretty brac…

  • Thin Silver Bridal Bracelet- Hannah


    Slim Design Silver Bracelet for Brides This thin silver bridal bracelet is beautiful and spark…

  • Yellow Gold Teardrop Bridal Bracelets- Clara


    14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Bracelet for Brides, Weddings & Events For a rich and sparkly …

  • Rose Gold Teardrop Wedding Bracelets- Clara


    Rose Gold Teardrop Bracelet for Brides, Weddings & Events In an alternately arranged these tr…

  • Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Bracelets- Clara


    Silver Tone Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Bridal Bracelet  Beautifully crafted and alternately arr…

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    Delicate Bracelet Sophia

    Now: $33.00
    Was: $53.47

    Delicate Bracelet for Wedding, Prom, Events Silver Tone Delicate Bracelet Crafted in Cubic Zirconia…

36 of 70 Items