Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Sparkly Cubic Zirconia Bridal & Wedding Bracelet for Brides 

Complete your sparkly look with our cubic zirconia bracelets available in both clasps and adjustable bracelet designs.

Our bridal bracelet collection is crafted with cubic zirconia as the primary stone to make these glittery bracelets for bridal, wedding, formal, and event wear. These synthesized CZ crystals are hard and durable and can be faceted and cut to shape to create a luminous finish to our jewellery and is one of the closest alternate stones with the features of diamonds.

Choose your style and design for our elegant range of cubic zirconia wedding bracelets that are available in silver gold and rose gold tones.

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  • Silver Wedding Bracelet with Teardrops-Luna


    Elegant Wedding Bracelet for Small Teardrops and Round Crystals If you are looking for an elegant we…

  • Bracelet for the Bride in CZ & Silver-Anya


    Sparkling Bride Bracelet for the Wedding Day and Every Occasion After A sparkling bracele…

  • Pear and Round Shaped Bridal Bracelet- Ivy


    Dainty Bridal Bracelet Made of Cubic Zirconia in Pear and Round Shapes Add this sparkly bridal …

  • Marquise Bracelet in Cubic Zirconia for Brides-Abby


    Elegant & Sparkly Cubic Zirconia Bracelet for Brides and Weddings These are sparkly and dai…

  • Wedding Bracelet Gift For Brides Matching Round Wedding Rings-Reagan


    Lovely Bracelet for the Bride, A Gift Idea for The Grooms, Mother or In-Laws If you …

  • Cubic Zirconia Wedding Flower Bracelet for Brides- Daisy


    Wedding Bracelet in Floral Design Made Of Sparkling Cubic Zirconia This sparkling cubic zirconia we…

  • Rose Gold Teardrop Wedding Bracelets- Clara


    Rose Gold Teardrop Bracelet for Brides, Weddings & Events In an alternately arranged these tren…

  • Crystal Cluster Bracelet for Brides-Julia



    Cluster Bracelet for Weddings in Teardrop CZ Crystals A dainty, delicate bracelet made with clusters…

  • Delicate Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold-Ginger


    Dainty & Delicate in 14K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelet A pretty bracelet in 14K yellow g…

  • Minimalist Silver Bracelet for Brides-Ginger


    Slim Design Minimalistic Bracelet for Brides If you are a bride and you think less is more…

  • Round CZ Wedding Bracelet-Cristle


    Round & Clear Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bracelet A beautiful wedding bracelet that will add lots of…

  • Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Bridal Bracelets-Riley


    Bridal Bracelet Made of Sparkly Rectangle Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia This a delicate bracelet for br…

  • Marquise Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet for Brides-Katie


    Sparkling Tennis Bracelet for Brides in Marquise-Cut Cubic Zirconia Crystals for Weddings A sparkly …

  • Rose Gold Bracelet for Wedding Formal Events-Katie


    Beautiful Rose Gold Bracelet for Every Woman, Gift it or Wear it for Wedding, Fo…

  • Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet-Ari


    Bridal Bracelet in Rose Gold & Cubic Zirconia for Your Weddings Day This beautifu…

  • Wedding Day Bracelet for Bride Rose Gold-Reagan


    Bride Bracelet in Rose Gold for Wedding Day and After for Every Occasion Here is a gorgeous we…

  • Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bracelet in Silver-Harriet


    Silver Bracelet for Weddings Made of Cubic Zirconia This cubic zirconia wedding bracelet …

  • Minimal & Thin CZ Tennis Bracelet for Brides & Weddings- Lisa


    Dainty & Perfect Tennis Bracelet for Brides & Wedding In a Slim Design On your wedding day,…

18 of 120 Items