Cubic Zirconia Necklaces

Bridal Pendants & Backdrop Necklaces for Brides & Bridesmaids in Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia Necklaces is a quick, surefire way to add a glamorous touch to your look!

Our range of cubic zirconia pendants necklaces are combined with three metal tones of silver, gold, and rose gold.  We have chosen cubic zirconia as a primary material for our bridal and wedding jewellery as the sparkle, can be cut to shape and is one of the closest alternatives to diamonds.

The glitz of the clear cubic zirconia crystals adds a radiant look for bride, bridesmaids, and women, with a bridal, wedding, formal and special occasion attire. Pick your CZ necklace design today!

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  • 14K Gold Drop Pendant Necklace (1.5 Inches) for Brides & Bridesmaids Gift-Hayley


    14K Gold Plated & Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Drop Pendant Necklace for Brides & Bridesmaids If you…

  • 3 Ring Necklace-Tribus


    Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Three-Ring Pendant Necklace This ring necklace is a fabulous display o…

  • Back Necklace Rose Gold Bridal Necklace Crystal Wedding Necklace Gold Back Drop Necklace Backdrop Necklace for Brides Bridal Jewelry Meghan


    The Meghan rose gold bridal back necklace is a glamorous and elegant crystal wedding necklace create…

  • Backdrop Bridal Necklace, Crystal Bridal Backdrop Necklace, Wedding Back Necklace, Bridal Wedding Jewelry, Nicole


    I have created this bridal necklace with a central cubic zircoia pendant. It is put onto a fine chai…

  • Blue & Gold Necklace with Backdrop-Aoi


    Gold Necklace & Backdrop with Sapphire Blue Drops Looking to add something blue on your wedding…

  • Blue and Silver Rhombus Pendant- Bright Blue


    Blue and Clear Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace  Add this blue magic pendant necklace on severa…

  • Blue Bridal Necklace in Rose Gold with Backdrop-Aoi


    Simple Blue and Rose Gold Bridal Necklace with Backdrop Looking to add something blue on your weddi…

  • Blue Sapphire Cubic Zirconia Necklace Pendant- Quad Blue


    Classic Blue Square Pendant Necklace  Add this eye-catching blue necklace with a classic desig…

  • Bridal Backdrop Necklace- Meghan


    The Meghan bridal backdrop necklace is a glamorous and elegant crystal wedding necklace created with…

  • Bridal Crystal Pendant Necklace, Wedding Necklace, Bridesmaid Necklace Gift, Zirconia Pendant Rose Gold, Gold, Wedding Jewelry, Evana


    Bridal crystal pendant necklace is made with a large glittering cubic zirconia teardrop pendant drop…

  • Bridal Drop Back Necklace- Gianna


    Sparkly Silver & Cubic Zirconia Back Necklace Jewelry Classy, Elegant drop back necklace makes …

  • Bridal Jewellery Back Necklace in Rose Gold-Julia


    Pretty Rose Gold Backdrop Necklace for Wedding Day! This bridal jewellery back necklace in the rose…

  • Circle Pendant Necklace in Solid Cubic Zirconia- Denise


    Round CZ Pendant Necklace for Weddings & Brides A simple and beautiful solid circle pendan…

  • Cross Pendant in Cubic Zirconia -Chrissy


    Silver-Tone Cubic Zirconia Cross Pendant The cross pendant is sparkly and is made of cubic zir…

  • Crystal Gold Wedding Necklace & Back Jewellery-Meghan


    Elegant Crystal Gold Wedding Necklace & Back Jewellery for Brides  This crystal gold weddi…

  • CZ Drop Pendant Necklace in Silver for Bridesmaids & Brides-Hayley


    Silver & Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Drop Pendant Necklace for Brides & Bridesmaids A lovely sparkl…

  • Fashion Necklace for Formal & Events-Elysia


    Fashion Necklace Pendant Wear it on Any Occasion Let's update your styling for the formal occasion,…

  • Flower Drop Necklace-Dahlia


    Cubic Zirconia Flower Drop Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain Fully bloomed flower drop necklace pe…

18 of 70 Items