Gold Earrings


Gold earrings for weddings provide a rich and bold look to make a statement whilst still being soft and elegant, perfect for  any bridal, wedding, formal and special occasion.

We have created a range of 14K gold plated weddings earrings; combining the brilliance of cubic zirconia and soft gold of pearl.

Our range includes drop, dangle, clipon's and stud earrings for the bride, bridesmaids and guests attending. Explore our unique collection of gold earrings and view our complete collection for gold bridal jewellery sets.


 Explore Gold Wedding Earrings for Bridal and Formal Wear



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  • Blue and Gold Clip On Earrings for Brides-Aoi


    Gold Clip-On Earrings with Blue Drops for Brides & Bridesmaids A beautiful pair of gold earring…

  • Gold Earrings for Wedding and Formal Made of Small Teardrops-Hazel


    Gold Wedding Earrings Made of Small Teardrop Shapes Cubic Zirconia These gold earrings are beautiful…

  • Bride Earrings in Light Gold for Wedding-Anya


    Light Coloured Brides Earrings in14K Yellow Gold The choice of many brides is to have light gold col…

  • Gold Floral Bridal Earrings with Teardrops-Ivy


    Gold Floral Earrings with Pear Shaped Drops for Weddings These gold floral bridal earrings are smal…

  • Small Pear Shaped Gold Wedding Earrings-Clara


    Small Sparkling Pear Shaped Gold Earrings for Your Wedding  Are you looking for small pea…

  • Gold Stud Earrings for Bridal Party-Piper


    Gold Stud Earring for Your Bridal Party in 14K Gold Plating in Cubic Zirconia   If yo…

  • Vintage Wedding Earrings in Gold-Lisa


    14K Gold Plated Vintage Style Bridal Earrings  If you want vintage wedding earrings in gold&…

  • Dainty Wedding Earrings in Gold-Nicole


    Dainty Gold Earrings For Weddings and Brides These dainty wedding earrings in gold are made of cubic…

  • Extra Long Marquise CZ Earrings in Yellow Gold- Harriet


    Marquise Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Gold With Extra Length for Weddings A little extra lengt…

  • Thin Dangle Drop Pearl Earrings in Silver-Jodi


    Thin Dangle Drop Pearl Earrings for Weddings A beautiful pair of thin dangle drop pearl earrings in…

  • Pearl Drop Gold Earrings- Jodi


    Sleek Pearl Drop Gold Earrings for Brides & Bridesmaids  These elegant pearl drop gold ear…

  • Gold and Pearl Earrings-Emma


    Yellow Gold and Pearl Earrings Brides & Bridesmaids A small to mid-sized gold and pearl ea…

  • Gold Clip On Earrings in Teardrop CZ for Brides Bridesmaids-Emma


    Teardrop Clip On Earrings in Gold For Bride, Bridesmaids, Women with Non-Pierced Ears These are a be…

  • Gold Plated Drop Earrings for Wedding-Esther


    14K Gold Plated Drop Earrings for Brides and Weddings This sparkly gold plated earrings for weddings…

  • Yellow Gold Bridal Earrings in Cubic Zirconia for Brides-Esther


    Yellow Gold Earrings that Combines Sparkly Cubic zirconia for Brides & Weddings If you need gold…

  • Clip On Drop Earrings in Gold-Esther


    Elegant Drop Earrings with Clip On's with Pearls for Weddings An elegant pair of clip-on drop e…

  • Gold Flower & Leaf Bridal Earrings -Daisy


    Gold Earrings with Tiny Leaves & Flower for Brides & Weddings If you are a bride trying to …

  • 14k Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Bridal Earrings- Sarah


    Bridal Earrings Made of Cubic Zirconia & 14K Yellow Gold Plating These 14K gold plated cubic zi…

18 of 82 Items