Vintage Hair Accessories


If vintage style wedding is your theme, and you are looking for vintage bridal hair accessories to complement your bridal look.

Explore Poetry Designs vintage hair accessories section? Our collection includes vintage-style hair combs, hairpins, headbands to match your wedding dress, hairstyle, and themes. They are available in silver, gold, and rose gold tones and also with pearls.


Vintage Style Wedding Hair Accessories for Brides

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  • Small Bridal Hair Comb for Veil-Casey


    Small Hair Comb For Brides with Square, Rhombus, Teardrop Crystals This small bridal hair comb for t…

  • Small Wedding Hair Comb in Rose Gold-Casey


    Small Rose Gold Hair Comb for Weddings If you are looking dainty and pretty hair accessories fo…

  • Small Light Gold Colour Wedding Hair Comb- Casey


    Light Yellow Gold colour, 14K Gold Plated Small Bridal Hair Comb Here is a beautiful …

  • Vintage Wedding Hair Comb-Estelle


    Vintage Hair Comb for your Vintage Bridal Look When the vintage bridal look is the choice, you need…

  • Crystal Flower Vintage Bridal Hair Comb-Fiore


    Vintage Style Bridal Hair Comb With Crystal Flower & Leaves This crystal flower vintage bridal …

  • Vintage Wedding Hair Piece With Modern Twist-Audrey


    Wedding Hair Piece with Vintage and Modern Features We see it as a trend amongst the brides to comb…

  • Vintage Hair Comb for Weddings in Gold-Blythe


    Gold Wedding Hair Comb in Vintage Style  This is a beautiful vintage hair comb in gold fo…

  • Decorative Victorian Style Bridal Hair Comb in Gold-Agatha


    Vintage Style, Victorian Design, Gold Bridal Hair Comb If you are looking gold hair comb for your w…

  • Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb-Sophia


    Silver Tone Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb  This rhinestone bridal hair comb in silver tones offe…

  • Rose Gold Crystal Wedding Hair Comb-Sophia


    Rose Gold Crystal Hair Comb For Weddings & Brides  These are super sparkly, rose gold…

  • Vintage Design Bridal Hair Comb in Gold- Seraphina


    Gold Bridal Hair Comb To Match your Family Heirlooms   If you are looking for a vintage design…

  • Vintage Crystal Hair Comb for Weddings-Seraphina


    Vintage Crystal Hair Comb for A Traditional Bridal Look Need a classic design bridal hair…

  • Vintage Inspired Bridal Hair Comb-Aurora


    Vintage Inspired Hair Combs for Brides and Weddings Here is a beautiful vintage-inspired bridal hai…

  • Vintage Bridal Hair Comb-Arletty


    Vintage Style Hair Comb for Brides  A beautiful vintage bridal hair comb is made of lovel…

  • Rose Gold Vintage Bridal Hair Comb-Arletty


    Small Vintage Rose Gold Hair Comb for Weddings This rose gold bridal hair comb in vintage style is …

  • Gold Bridal & Wedding Hair Comb-Arletty


    Vintage Design Gold Hair Comb for Weddings This gold bridal and wedding hair combs are beautif…

  • Vintage Style Wedding Hair Comb- Eleanor


    Vintage Pearl Hair Comb for Brides and Weddings Pretty vintage style wedding hair comb with sparkly…

  • Vintage Hair Comb for Brides-Esme


    Vintage Hair Comb for Brides in Silver Finish & Pearls Brides if you need a vintage-lookin…

18 of 22 Items