Care of Jewellery

How To Care For Your Jewellery

Here are just a few steps to ensure your lustrous Jewellery is preserved and maintained!

  • Keep away from moisture

As the Jewellery is plated, often if any moisture or substance remains on the jewellery, with time and oxidisation the jewellery could possibly tarnish. In order to avoid this, ensure that no liquids such as water, perfume, cosmetics or any other harsh chemicals come in contact with the jewellery. And if they do happen to come in contact, try to immediate wipe the Jewellery with a small cloth.

  • Storage

Ensuring the Jewellery is correctly stored is also another measure that can be taken in order to prolong the life of your jewellery. It is often best to store the Jewellery separately, in order to avoid any possible damage and in resealable plastic bags or any bag that has minimal exposure to air, thus ensuring there is a smaller chance of the Jewellery oxidising.

  • Other quick tips

Use a soft cloth before and after use to wipe down the jewellery to ensure there is minimal to no residue remaining on the Jewellery, hence being less susceptible to tarnishing. Make sure you Jewellery is worn once you are completely and removed as soon as you get home to ensure there is minimal contact with any moisture or other substances. Lastly, show your jewellery some love! Treat it as if you would treat any of your more expensive pieces!

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